Shenandoah Bedroom Collection

Shenandoah Bedroom Collection

Aspen Bedroom Collection

Aspen Bedroom Collection

B&O Bedroom Collection

B&O Bedroom Collection.

Colburn Bedroom Collection

Colburn Bedroom Collection.

Beaumont Bedroom Collection

Beaumont Bedroom Collection.

Bedroom Furniture hand-crafted by Simply Amish...

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  • Image of a bed


    The bed is the centerpiece of every bedroom around the world. We offer a wide selection of design styles and types of beds that are made by people who get up early so that you can sleep in. Below are some of the types of beds we offer:

    • Panel Beds
    • Spindle Beds
    • Slat Beds
    • Sleigh Beds
    • Platform Beds
    • Bookcase Beds
    • Storage Beds
    • Poster Beds
  • Image of a nightstand


    Whether it's a simple or deluxe version, our nightstands are designed to offer a wide selection of style and function.

  • Accessories

    Step Stools are a great alternative to using a springboard to get into bed. These can be can be custom ordered to match any style of your choosing. Contact your local dealer for more information.

  • Image of a chest

    Bedroom Storage

    Who can't use extra storage in their home? If you're looking for something short, tall, wide, or just plain convenient we have many types of bedroom storage:

    • with 3-Drawers
    • Chests
    • Dressers
    • Bureaus
    • Mule Chests
    • Dresser Mirrors
    • Lingerie Chests
    • Jewelry Chests
  • Mirrors

    A selection of mirrors that are either hand-crafted to fit on one of the storage pieces above or to hang directly onto the wall. On certain styles there is even an option to put your TV behind the mirror.

  • Image of a bench


    Benches are a lovely addition to any bedroom and we offer a great selection of styles that can have many different fabrics, including leather, applied to the seat to match any decor.

Quality First and Foremost

  • Image detailing SmartSlide full extension slides

    Blum SmartSlides — Standard

    Exceptional drawers require exceptional hardware. That’s why our drawers feature heavy-duty slides that allow the drawer to fully extend, are fully enclosed and mounted from below — creating an unobstructed view of the solid dovetail construction.

    Our SmartSlides also feature an advanced mechanism that prevents slamming by self-closing each drawer when it reaches a few inches from the cabinet.

  • Detail image of a soft-close hinge

    Soft-Close Hinges — Standard

    Like our SmartSlides, our titanium finish, soft-close hinges provide a smooth, silent matter how hard the door is closed. Our concealed, soft-close hinges now come standard on all cabinet doors.

  • Image detailing a drawer box

    High-Quality Drawer Boxes — Standard

    Drawers take a lot of abuse as you open and close them almost daily. All of our drawer boxes are constructed of 5/8" thick solid hardwood (we use Maple drawers in furniture constructed in Cherry, Maple and Walnut and we use Oak drawers in the rest of the wood species). Our drawer boxes are dovetailed front and back and the drawer bottom is inserted into a groove to form a captive bottom after all 5 pieces are glued and compressed together. Each drawer is then sanded and finished smooth with our varnish to preserve its natural beauty and ensure a lifetime of worry-free operation.

  • Image detailing one-piece drawer fronts

    One-Piece Drawer Fronts — Standard

    Our drawer fronts are one piece with no glue lines up to 8½" (Excludes Character Cherry). We also finish, and then seal the front prior to attaching it to the drawer box.

  • Image detailing hardware

    Custom Hardware — Option

    Hardware is like jewelry for your furniture, and because everyone is different, we understand that our selection may not be your first choice. Therefore, feel free to select a different hardware from our available list.

    People often ask what is the standard hardware. The default hardware for each piece is shown in the photo of each piece.

  • Detail image of the nightstand nightlight

    Night Light Extraordinaire — Option

    Ideal for the midnight rendezvous with the refrigerator. Motion activated, and installed underneath the nightstand — our new nightstand light is perfect for those times you need to get up without disturbing your partner.

    The sensor is installed on the back corner and can be ordered to go either on the left or right side of the nightstand.

    To order, select either option:

    • Left Facing Sensor: MEONL-L
    • Right Facing Sensor: MEONL-R
  • Detail image of the nightstand charging station

    Charging Station — Option

    Stop fighting Medusa! This so called wireless age we live in often has more wires than we know what to do with. Our nightstand charging station offers a solution to uncomplicate your life...well, at least part of it.

    The nightstand charging station is installed into the back of one of the drawers in your nightstand, allowing for up to three separate devices to be charged at once without all the mess.

    Ask your local dealer about adding this option to your furniture.

  • Image detailing the jewelry storage insert

    Tray Magnifique — Option

    Turn any small top drawer into a mini-jewelry storage drawer with our optional felt-lined jewelry insert and removable acrylic tray.

    Ask about the Bureau Jewelry Insert option

Introducing the new distressing to make it old again
  • Ask your local dealer about our new Olde World distressing.

    Looking to add a little character to an already unique piece of furniture? This technique brings out the unique characteristics of the wood and adds a few others to create a truly one of a kind piece of furniture. Some of the unique characteristics will include:

    • Cracks
    • Time Worn Edges and Finish
    • Worm Holes
    • Hand Planing
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